We have been on a journey to create sustainable practices here at Te Papapa Preschool that preserve Papatuaanuku and the world in which we live. There are a variety of avenues in which we live a more sustainable lifestyle including ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’, Use of cloth Nappies, Supporting sustainable Sanitary items within our community (Women4Women Campaign) and returning our food back to the environment with a range of Bokashi, Worm and Compost bins.

Our centre is strongly committed to bi-cultural practice and we are making a conscious effort to weave the art of sustainability into a breathing living part of our every day life here at Te Papapa Preschool. A key focus for us this year is Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Landfill sites are engineered to be stable and low in moisture. As a result, landfills “mummify” their contents meaning nothing much breaks down and almost everything remains intact for decades. This means that our landfills are filling up and very soon we will run out of place to put our rubbish. After looking at the waste we created we were surprised to see that 99% of it could be reused or recycled. Te Papapa Preschool has committed to a journey of becoming more sustainable.

How does this work? It means we are aiming to become Waste -Free by recycling and reusing almost everything here at our Preschool. Plastics are cleaned and placed in Recycling bins where they are taken away and turned into new plastic items. Paper and cardboard is either reused for art pieces or sent away to be recycled into new paper products. We haven’t stopped there though, we also turn all our food scraps into reusable products using our worm farms, compost bins and bokashi bins. The children love helping us place the items into the correct Recycling bins and are learning about minimising the waste leaving Te Papapa Preschool and how taking care of Papatuanuku will create a better world for us to live in.