Kaiwhakahaere – Liz Ferris

Liz is the Centre Manager here at Te Papapa Preschool. Liz devotes her time and energy to ensuring our Preschool is successful and the children in our care are happy and safe. She has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching) from Manukau Institute of Technology & a Post Graduate Diploma in Primary School Education and Teaching. With over 20 years experience Liz is able to support and guide her team to ensure and promote positive outcomes for all. Liz comes from a large family and with her husband has 8 children and 5 grandchildren. Liz has an active role in her community including coaching Softball teams and volunteering at To Wahi (Onehunga). Liz is committed to peace and respect and creates an atmosphere of ‘home’ as we navigate our education and care journey together.

Kaiaarahi – Frances

Frances is the Team Leader at Te Papapa Preschool and is a passionate kaiako who dedicates herself to building and maintaining strong relationships with those around her. She believes that through free play a child can activate their Agency and find out who they truly are. She enjoys each child’s journey and creates magical moments that encourages deeper thinking and understanding. Frances graduated from Manukau Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching) and is on her journey to provide authentic Bi-Cultural curriculum to the tamariki and whānau in her care.

Kaitiaki Kaiako Potiki  – Kathleen

Kathleen believes children are unique and therefore promotes an environment that supports and nurtures individual cultural beliefs and values, life experiences and the individuality each whanau bring with them. She believes in our curriculum to support, foster, and encourage children to learn and grow as individuals where they are competent and confident human beings. Kathleen believes that a learning environment should create a strong sense of family and unity and therefore builds positive relationships with all to provide positive learning outcomes for children. Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and ensures reciprocal inter-relationships are established and maintained here at Te Papapa Preschool.

Kaiako Potiki – Danielle

Danielle was originally a mother from our centre who joined our team early 2017. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge surrounding Sustainable practices especially in regards to cloth nappies. Mother to 3 beautiful children Danielle is calm, respectful and eager to learn more about Early Childhood. Danielle brings her gentle nature into our Potiki area and ensures that the emotional, physical, mental and social needs of our youngest children are met and taken care of.

Kaitiaki Kaiako Teina – Sarah

Sarah lives in Onehunga with her husband and 2 children. Being a member of The Church of Latter Day Saints and from Maori decent Sarah is proud to share her heritage to help strengthen the identity of of those around her. Sarah holds a Bachelor Degree in Education (Teaching) and was doing relief work before securing her position here at Te Papapa Preschool. Sarah uses her strong Bi-Cultural practice to build good relationships with the community that she has been a part of for many years.

Kaiako Teina – Georgie

Georgie joined the ranks here at Te Papapa Preschool in 2017. Georgie started her journey with us as a parent and a member of our Board of Trustees. She has taken the next step into education by enrolling at New Zealand Tertiary College to gain her qualifications in Early Childhood. Georgie is excited to join the team and is motivated to provide the best quality care and education for your children.

Kaitiaki Kaiako Tuakana  – Kalolaine

Kalolaine is a dedicated mother of two children and living in Mt. Roskill. Kalolaine begun her teaching career at a Tongan Community Preschool where she taught for 8 years. She has taken the skills and knowledge that she learnt there and brought them to Te Papapa Preschool where she provides high quality care and learning opportunities for young children. Kalolaine enjoys working with children of all ages and finds her time here at Te Papapa Preschool to be rewarding work where both the children and herself are on a continuous learning journey. Kalolaine holds a Diploma in Early Childhood from University of Auckland and is skilled and knowledgeable in the care and education of Pasifika children.

Kaitiaki Kaiako Timata te Kura  – Levi

Levi comes from a large family with 7 siblings and is a mother to a beautiful daughter. This has meant Levi has always been surrounded by young children and her passion for their care and well-being has been en-grained in her. She has been influenced hugely by the women in her life to become a successful teacher and is pursuing this career by studying at New Zealand Tertiary College. Levi is a very genuine, caring, loving, understanding and respectful teacher who believes Early Childhood Education to be a critical first step in building the foundation for children’s learning and development. Levi is an essential component towards developing children’s love of learning.

Kaiako – Robyn

Robyn has been working in early childhood for well over 15 years. She brings her unique sense of care and education to our team every Wednesday while working as a Non-Contact Reliever. She loves her grandchildren more than anything and spends time with them when she is not at work with the children here at Te Papapa Preschool.