The Final Preschool Journey

Lead by our talented Kaiako, Levi, the final preschool journey is one we are quite proud of. At Te Papapa Preschool we believe in preparing your child for life. That is why we have developed a special programme that focuses on creating competent and confident young children who are emotionally, physically and mentally ready for the years following their departure from Early Childhood Education. Free Play has embodied our Philosophy and ensures that we are tailoring a plan specific to your child that builds on their strengths and encourages them to find knowledge through peaceful and respectful interactions with both tuakana and teina tamariki.

With our team of knowledgeable kaiako, research guided practice and careful consideration of whānau we are proud to share with you our Timata te Kura Programme. In the months leading up to your child’s entry into School life we plan and implement a series of group activities and outings that provide your child with experiences in a Primary School classroom and ensure that they are as best prepared for school as they can be. Being immersed in the best classroom of all, nature, we work alongside whānau to nurture your child’s growing understanding of the world around them.