Healthy Community

Health and Well-being are important to us here at Te Papapa Preschool, which is why we are proud to be making the move into becoming a fully sustainable centre. We acknowledge through our daily interactions Papatuanuku and Ranginui and believe in guiding children through a journey that creates an awareness of the world they live in and the responsibilities they have as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

Junk Free Lunchboxes

Healthy and nutritious meals are important for growing minds and bodies. It is important that we fuel young children with the appropriate food items that will enhance brain activity and ensure that they have enough energy for all the hard work they carry out here at Te Papapa Preschool. There are a few items on our list that we ask you please leave at home for treats. These items include Potato chips covered in Orange flavouring, Fruit juice/ Fizzy Drinks and flavoured Milk (Water and Cows Milk Only) and Gelatin Snacks/Lollies. Our reasoning behind this is to reduce the amount of sugary items that leave children without the energy they need to focus during the day.

If you are running out of time in the morning or haven’t made it to the grocery store yet then don’t worry, we can provide a lunchbox meal for your child that is both delicious and nutritious at the small donation cost of $2.

Tooth Brushing

Oral Health is really important, not just for our tamariki but for us adults as well. Encouraging healthy habits for our young children will mean healthy habits and healthy teeth later on in life. You only get one set of adult teeth and Te Papapa Preschool want to ensure that we equip children with the right attitude and knowledge to care for their teeth.

In conjunction with the Auckland District Health Board, Wrigley’s and Colgate we have toothbrushes, toothpaste and routines that ensures everyday your child is with us they get to brush their teeth and learn all about how brushing their teeth at least twice a day can lead to life of beautiful pearly whites. We also encourage registering with the Auckland Regional Dental Service upon enrollment at Te Papapa Preschool.

Cloth Nappies

If every child had just one cloth nappy change per day you could prevent 1 million disposable nappies a week from heading to our landfills. That’s huge. At Te Papapa Preschool we use cloth nappies with our children saving parents up to $4000 in disposable nappies. It’s really easy to do, we send a cloth nappy home for you to bring your child into the centre with. Then throughout the day when your child needs changing we change the cloth nappy. The used nappy gets soaked in a germ killer and then placed into a washing machine that heats the water to 60 degrees Celsius . They are then placed on the line to dry and be reused the next day. What’s even better is that research has shown cloth nappies, if worn correctly do not create nappy rash!

Our team has been given training on correct Cloth Nappy etiquette and you can be guaranteed your child will be happy and healthy all throughout the day here at Te Papapa Preschool and what’s even cooler is that we are saving the environment while we do it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Landfill sites are engineered to be stable and low in moisture. As a result, landfills “mummify” their contents meaning nothing much breaks down and almost everything remains intact for decades. This means that our landfills are filling up and very soon we will run out of place to put our rubbish. After looking at the waste we created we were surprised to see that 99% of it could be reused or recycled. Te Papapa Preschool has committed to a journey of becoming more sustainable.

How does this work? It means we are aiming to become Waste -Free by recycling and reusing almost everything here at our Preschool. Plastics are cleaned and placed in Recycling bins where they are taken away and turned into new plastic items. Paper and cardboard is either reused for art pieces or sent away to be recycled into new paper products. We haven’t stopped there though, we also turn all our food scraps into reusable products using our worm farms, compost bins and bokashi bins. The children love helping us place the items into the correct Recycling bins and are learning about minimising the waste leaving Te Papapa Preschool and how taking care of Papatuanuku will create a better world for us to live in.