Healthy minds, bodies & souls – all here at Te Papapa Preschool

Healthy fuel for our bodies!

The team at Te Papapa Preschool believe that “A well nourished child who is provided with opportunities to participate in the preparation, sharing and selection of healthy foods  is given opportunities to develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material world.” We are committed to ensuring that we provide ample opportunities for children to learn about what foods give the most fuel to our bodies, how we can prepare foods differently to create yummy meals and to ensure children are given space and time to have plenty of fresh air and active movement. (For more information see our healthy eating, nutrition and active movement policies or speak to a staff member who will be happy to help you)

Over the week the tuakana team have been working very hard to create a healthy fruit morning tea. The teachers, who are working on creating rituals during our day that speak peace, kindness and respect, collaborated with the children to create this successful event. The children helped cut up fruit and talked about the delicious types of fruit that they liked. The table was set with love and care and candles placed to ensure that calmness and tranquility were met. When all the children were seated and the karakia finished, some of our older children engaged in an act of service. They served their friends fruit kebabs and a drink of water and even cleared the table afterwards. This enables children to learn about working with and alongside others, taking care and responsibility for those around us and to share these magical moments with others!

The children are so excited they want to have another morning tea! Learning about where food comes from and how it is prepared allows children to understand how to make better choices when picking which food to eat, allows children to learn about sustainability and not wasting food, and about how different types of food can help us grow big and strong.

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